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Customizable Mobile Workforce Management Application

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GeoPal is a mobile workforce management solution for enterprises that want to increase the profitability of their field operations and increase the health & safety compliance of their field based workforce. Unlike traditional paper based reporting, GeoPal provides management with real-time visibility of their field operations through executive dashboards and KPI reports, enabling them to immediately spot opportunities and identify challenges.

20% Increased utilization rates

Increased field workforce utilization with productivity reports per contract captured in real-time

25% Increased profitability

Instant visibility into the health of your projects allows management to drive out waste and increase profitability

50% Reduction in admin costs

Reduce office administration costs by eliminating paper processes and re-entering field data

90% Reduction in the billing cycle

Reduce your book-to-bill window from 30 days to 3 days with real time progress reports for each project or contract

Our Approach

We make our customers’ lives simpler and more successful through the use of our customizable mobile workforce applications. We tailor our solutions to your exact requirements and we stay involved with you over the long term. We monitor the benefits you are achieving with GeoPal and we adjust the implementation until the expected productivity, profitability and compliance benefits are delivered.

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