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GeoPal Mobile Application Development Platform

The GeoPal Developers' Platform can be used as a full service “Mobile Application Development Platform” to develop custom mobile workforce apps, or the Platform API can simply be used by third party applications to get job data from GeoPal. Using the GeoPal Developer Platform is the fastest way to deploy production grade mobile workforce apps. The platform provides pre-built infrastructure services such as : cloud hosting, storage, security, user administration, job workflow, offline data synchronization and data integration. This allows you to focus on building great mobile app front-ends while GeoPal looks after the back-end mobile services. Scroll below for a summary of the GeoPal Developer Platform functions.


The GeoPal API provides you with the powerful ability to send and receive data from the GeoPal Platform.

The API is used to create jobs, employees, companies, contacts and assets on the GeoPal platform. The API is also used to get job status information, job data, employee location, asset management information and so on.

Custom Mobile Workflow Steps

We have created over 70 pre-defined job workflow steps that can be used to create mobile forms.

We also provide a scripting environment where developers can create their own job workflow steps using JavaScript. Typically the mobile scriptable steps are used for advanced functions such as : calculations, scoring, logic operations and so on.

Custom Web Modules and IoT Projects

The GeoPal Platform provides a web scripting environment where Developers can create a flexible business logic within GeoPal.

The GeoPal platform can be used to meet specific business needs—from sophisticated business processes to entirely new applications. It is built on industry-standard JavaScript which ensures rapid development and deployment. The Scripting environment allows virtually limitless customization of GeoPal. Web scripting is also used to create Internet of Things projects, for example, to define the business logic that specifies how sensor alarms are to be handled.

Custom Mobile Modules

The GeoPal mobile app comes with a number of default modules such as : Jobs, Assets, CRM, Shift, Maps and Settings.

Now, developers can build their own custom GeoPal mobile modules using a combination of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. The Custom Mobile Modules enable limitless customization of the GeoPal mobile app. Modules can be created for any business requirement including : time and attendance, project tracking, quotation scoping and estimation, custom health and safety checks – to name but a few.

Custom Databases

The GeoPal Platform provides developers with the ability to create very large custom databases.

This facilitates the automatic synchronization of large volumes of data between the GeoPal cloud platform and the GeoPal mobile app. On the mobile app, the custom data can be viewed on a map and edited. The edited data is then automatically synchronized with the cloud – from where it can be shared with third party applications.

Internet of Things

Move from reactive to proactive field service with IoT

More and more of our clients are using our expertise to deploy IoT sensors on their remote assets to monitor : temperature, humidity, pressure, noise, etc. Alarms from these sensors trigger jobs on GeoPal based on business rules defined by our customers. This proactive field service management approach results in a 19% increase in asset availability. The GeoPal platform is Sigfox certified. Sigfox is a low power, wide area IoT data network, designed to connect billions of sensors to the cloud.

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