Advancing Utilities - Digital Transformation in 8 Steps

Digital transformation in utility organisations creates substantial value. McKinsey notes that digital technologies transform operations, reducing expenses by up to 25 percent, increasing profitability and enhancing performance in key areas such as safety, compliance, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Despite the competitive edge digital transformation creates, utility companies have been notoriously slow to evolve in Industry 4.0. Despite this, implementing digital transformation in your organisation is easier than it may seem. The emerging Utility landscape is being shaped by three major forces - market dynamics, new technologies and regulatory frameworks. GeoPal equips Utility organisations with the technological tools to compete in a dynamic environment. Undergoing digital transformation with GeoPal involves eight key stages:

  1. Consult. Establishing an understanding of organisational needs, scope of projects, business processes, clients, and requirements.
  2. Define KPIs. We work closely with you to identify KPIs to measure and report on, prioritising actionable insights and core management information.
  3. Configure. We collaboratively configure the GeoPal platform and mobile apps to meet specific business requirements.
  4. Integrate. The GeoPal platform is integrated with existing ERP systems, providing connectivity between the back office, field workers and remote assets.
  5. Train. We provide comprehensive training for all GeoPal users, allowing organisations to add and edit mobile apps independently as needed. 
  6. Data. Once GeoPal is active gathering field data, customizable executive dashboards are created to specific requirements. Data is fed into existing Business Intelligence solutions.
  7. Insight. Field data is transformed into actionable insights resulting in action plans and efficient workflow processes. Full operational visibility will facilitate data-driven strategic decision making.
  8. Review. The performance and efficacy of GeoPal is collaboratively reviewed each quarter, adjusting the solution as required to maximise the benefits and operational efficiencies

Why GeoPal?

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