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Both the construction and utilities industry collect significant quantities of data. However, organisations that have not deployed business intelligence analytics are unable to transfer this data into intelligent business decisions and project strategy (ViewPoint). Business Intelligence (BI) is essentially business insight — the practices and tools that enable organisations to gather and analyse data, providing historical, current, and predictive views of business operations (Deloitte). Unfortunately, many organisations rely on manual paper-based processes and are lacking the solutions to manage information effectively. When it comes to analysis and insight, agile, intelligent solutions are the ‘fast track’ to strategic decision making and efficient, profitable business operations.

The utilities industry holds significant bodies of data, constantly flowing from smart meters, sensors and other traditional or ‘tribal’ sources of data regarding operations and strategy. Conservative estimates supported by rigorous use-case analysis suggests that BI and analytics deployment can boost profitability by 5 to 10 percent (McKinsey).  While most utility leaders are aware of the potential value in mining this data for actionable insights and transforming knowledge into clear processes - they are unsure of where to start (Bain).

The Need for B.I & Analytics

Large construction and utility projects are often late, over budget, and poorly executed, resulting in unnecessarily high failure rates, late delivery and high costs. Deloitte notes that deploying B.I can help both industries eliminate the following challenges;

●       Lack of project performance insight

●       Repetitive reporting

●       Multiple data systems

●       Unprioritized and unorganized data

●       Largely paper based reporting

●       Lack of system connectivity

GeoPal & B.I

GeoPal is a field operations management (FOM) solution that can work seamlessly with leading BI applications, providing a 360 view of all Field Operations metrics. Using GeoPal’s extensive API’s, GeoPal can combine field data with other company data (e.g. CRMs and ERPs). This combination delivers a company-wide view of all data, aiding transparency and strategic decision making. The advantages of GeoPal include;

●     No more paper, spreadsheets or bespoke inflexible reports

●     Actionable Insights into any area with any set of metrics including operational, commercial, health & safety and quality KPIs. Decisions can now be based on real-time information

●     The presentation of data in a BI dashboard can be customised to make it easy to understand and to drill down into any data collected.

●     Real time alerts for any high deviations as required.

●     Provides every member of your organization with access to a BI Application

●     Extract and combine Field Data with multiple (non-field) data sources simultaneously (e.g. CRMs and ERPs)

●     Full online access to historical records


                                                              Find out more, request your free GeoPal demo today

                                                            Find out more, request your free GeoPal demo today

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