Business Intelligence: Transforming Operational Efficiency in Utilities

The Utility and Construction Industries face significant challenges - from maintaining infrastructure, reacting and responding to natural events, increased competitors and deregulation. To survive in this dynamic and demanding environment, organisations must have the ability to record and integrate complex data from numerous sources.

Leveraging Business Intelligence (BI), utilities companies can transform data into actionable insights. Industry 4.0 has created a heightened competitive environment for utilities - rapid innovation in smart metering and smart grids point to an urgent need for real-time business intelligence (RTBI). The implementation of Business intelligence in utilities will greatly improve operational efficiency in a time-sensitive industry. Quick reaction times enabled through real-time visibility, positively impacts profitability.

Implementing B.I in your utilities organisation requires three simple stages;

  1. Integrate: Data and processes are unified and standardized. ERP systems can be integrated.
  2. Optimise: Business processes are aligned with organisational/operational strategy, through the embedment of “best practice” processes.
  3. Informate: Data collected through ERP systems is analysed and insights are used to transform work practices. Data is transformed into rich information to optimise effective decision making.

GeoPal & Business Intelligence

GeoPal Field Operations Management (FOM) Solution can embed and interwork seamlessly with the leading BI Applications providing a 360-degree view of all Field Operations metrics.  GeoPal can combine field data with data from existing backend systems e.g. CRMs and ERPs, delivering company-wide transparency.

Advantages of BI with GeoPal Include

  • Elimination of paper, spreadsheets or bespoke inflexible reports
  • Gain Actionable Insights
  • Customise Dashboards
  • Real time alerts
  • Reduce Data Silos with Organisation wide access to BI Applications

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