Delivering Transformational Value with GeoPal

Mobile workforce technologies have transformed the way utilities organisations operate in Industry 4.0. Smart mobile technologies empower staff, whilst equipping them with the tools to work in remote site locations. Despite the clear advantages of technology driven solutions, utility companies are notoriously slow to implement digital transformation. Organisations making technology investments create tangible business value in several key areas.

Revenue. In a recent survey conducted by consulting company McKinsey, three-quarters of organisations investing in digital technologies reported significant cost reductions. These technology-driven changes increased existing revenue, whilst creating new revenue streams. Advanced technologies, such as GeoPal’s IoT offering, facilitate heightened cost-savings, with 44% percent of organisations adopting the internet of things reporting significantly reduced expenses.

Business Intelligence. Leveraging Business Intelligence (BI), utilities companies can transform data into actionable insights. Top performing companies focus on measurement and scaling up data analytics. Transformative operational efficiencies are achieved through the actionable reports and data insights that GeoPal delivers

Talent. McKinsey notes that people-focused initiatives are closely linked closely with value creation. Utility companies are often hesitant to implement technology driven changes, citing skill gaps and working culture as major bottlenecks. GeoPal digitizes the end user experience, providing comprehensive training to all field users to ensure skill gaps are addressed and talent is retained. Read more about our approach.

Why GeoPal?

GeoPal works seamlessly with leading BI applications, providing a 360 view of all Field Operations metrics. Using GeoPal’s extensive API’s, field data can be combined with other data (e.g., CRMs and ERPs), delivering a company-wide view of all data - aiding transparency and strategic decision making. The advantages of GeoPal include.

  • No more paper, spreadsheets or bespoke inflexible reports
  • Actionable Insights and KPIs. Decisions can now be based on real-time information
  • Customisable BI dashboards
  • Real time alerts for high deviations as required.
  • Reduces data silos
  • Extract and combine field data with multiple (non-field) data sources simultaneously (e.g., CRMs and ERPs)
  • Full online access to historical records


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