Custom Mobile Modules

Create Custom Mobile Application Modules

The GeoPal mobile app comes with a number of default modules such as : Jobs, Assets, CRM, Shift, Maps and Settings. Now, developers can build their own custom GeoPal mobile modules using a combination of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. The Custom Mobile Modules enable limitless customization of the GeoPal mobile app. Modules can be created for any business requirement including : time and attendance, project tracking, quotation scoping and estimation, custom health and safety checks – to name but a few. Developers use the HTML5 APIs to utilize native device features, such as a camera and bluetooth. They use the GeoPal API’s to perform various tasks such as creating or updating jobs in the GeoPal system.

Key Benefits

  • Leverage the GeoPal Platform to create tailored apps to your business needs
  • Customize your app for each team with different processes for different teams
  • Tap into the full potential of your company smartphones
  • Allows your own developers to customize the GeoPal Mobile Platform App

Key Features

  • Implement your own custom user interfaces
  • Live editing built in so that developers can change code on the fly and immediately see results
  • Keep a record of all versions for modules you create
  • Use and enhance existing GeoPal modules
  • Supercharge your data flow and design to your needs

GeoPal is very flexible. It is much faster than bespoke developments or trying to modify existing off-the-shelf field service management apps.