Digital Adoption: Managing Change Resistance

Utilities companies are making significant investments in digital technologies to propel their trajectory in Industry 4.0. Embracing the transition towards intelligent digital and mobile solutions requires organisations to be agile, lean and focused. Introducing new technologies is a break away from the status quo and unsurprisingly, can be met with internal resistance. A report by Couchbase notes that 90% of Digital transformation executions fail on the first attempt. Similarly, McKinsey argues that digital transformations are often unsuccessful as organisations continue to apply outdated change management models which are misaligned with today’s dynamic landscape.

A successful digital transformation must include the following five key components:

  1. Strategy - Align vision, experience, processes and technology.
  2. Intuitive User Design - Prioritise mobile and personalised digital technologies
  3. Agility - Implement iterative and adaptable technologies.
  4. Integration - Harmonise software platforms and technologies.
  5. Data Analytics & Insights - Draw valuable insights from a real time data loop.

Executing a successful digital transformation also requires a strong understanding of change management models. The ‘7Summits Way’ provides a framework for the application of change management techniques throughout the digital transformation process.

  1. Prepare - Lay the foundation for change, address and remove roadblocks. Activate change advocates.
  2. Define - Conduct organisation readiness assessments, steering meetings and change management workshops.
  3. Design - Activate change workstreams to create tactical plans and measurable KPIs
  4. Build & Verify - Perform iterative development and quality assurance. Monitor and address feedback.
  5. Launch - Drive digital change and adoption, shift from project to program management. Share feedback with product owners.

Why GeoPal?

GeoPal map every stage of our implementation plan to successfully tackle resistance to change and ensure all users are getting the most from the solution. GeoPal helps organisations navigate internal change resistance through discovery workshops, collaborative prototyping and feedback revisions. Implementing digital technology is necessary to remain competitive and managing resistance to change is entirely possible with communication, attaining user adoption and adequate planning.

About GeoPal

GeoPal helps its clients achieve operational excellence using the management insights we deliver through our mobile data capture and analytics solution. GeoPal is a customisable Field Operations Management (FOM) Solution that connects field workers, remote assets and Internet Of Things (IOT) sensors, leveraging field data to gain real-time actionable insights and increase the productivity, profitability and health and safety compliance of your business. GeoPal’s client list includes some of the largest Industrial Services, Utility Services, City Management, Environmental and Facilities Management companies in the world.

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