Digital Transformation in the Utilities Industry with Cloud Based Solutions

In 2010 many people still needed to be convinced of the merits of Cloud Computing for the utility space. This is now no longer in question. Organisations that use Cloud Computing have lower technology risk, can scale up or down quicker and can be more innovate in the services they deploy and use.

However, there are many cloud providers and architectures, so what is defined as best in class or even successful can be up for debate. Standalone private Cloud solutions are often siloed and unable to communicate with the rest of the busines systems. Open dispersed Cloud solutions can be over complicated, continually in flux and present security vulnerabilities.

For the utility sectors with field operations teams, digital performance has been largely static in comparison to other industrial sectors. Low levels of digital adoption, stagnant productivity, reduced profitability, waste contribution, low efficiency and high fault rates have characterized the sector. Unsurprisingly, the industry has not been innovating at its full capacity, neglecting some of the opportunities that cloud solutions provide.

As a result many Cloud based business transformation initiates have failed completely or have not resulted in anticipated revenue, margins and performance improvements. The main reasons are well documented - including initial unsuitable technologies, not keeping up with technology changes or a lack of required analytics.

This is particularly frustrating for many in the utilities industry, as often the chosen cloud systems are not what is needed (to a greater or lesser degree) and don’t deliver the required analytics which for many was the main objective for the transformation in the first place.

In our experience of the Field Operations Management (FOM) Cloud Solutions in the utilities industry, key questions to ask right from the start include if the systems investments are:

  • Directly increasing revenues or
  • Improving margins or
  • Promoting an efficient operating model.

There are many stories where vast sums have been spent re-architecting systems into the Cloud that either run over budget, failed altogether or drive organizational changes that ended up being too complex.

GeoPal has a proven background with over 10 years in Cloud Field Operations Management Solutions in the utilities industry. Our approach is based on four key principles:

  1. Begin with the end in mind and define the final dashboards giving field operations management and the required actionable insights regarding revenue/ costs/ efficiency, for example:
    1. A comparison of planned hours against actual hours
    2. Advance notification of projects that are in trouble.
    3. Increase the profitability of client projects
    4. Workforce utilization with productivity
    5. book-to-bill window
    6. Views of work orders and WIP
    7. End-to-end visibility of contract performance
  2. Assess each planned £ spent on what direct impact it has on revenue, costs and margin
  3. Have a proven best in class on-boarding model
  4. Pick technology partners that are certified with the highest standards on Security, Quality, and Business continuity aligning with customer IT for example:
    1. ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS)
    2. ISO 27001 Security Management Systems (ISMS)
    3. ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS).

About GeoPal

GeoPal helps its clients achieve operational excellence using the management insights we deliver through our mobile data capture and analytics solution. GeoPal is a customisable Field Operations Management (FOM) Platform Solution that connects field workers, remote assets and Internet Of Things (IOT) sensors, leveraging field data to gain real-time actionable insights and increase the productivity, profitability and health and safety compliance in the XXX industry. GeoPal’s client list includes some of the largest Industrial Services, Utility Services, City Management, Environmental and Facilities Management companies in the world. The GeoPal solution delivers transformative operational efficiencies through the data insights we provide.



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