Digitise with GeoPal: Transform your Field Operations

New generation field worker Digital technologies are now widely available, reliable and cost-effective – in many cases doubling utilities’ workforce productivity. Utility companies can create substantial organisation-wide value by replacing legacy field operations systems with new field worker digital technologies. The consulting company McKinsey note that utility companies adopting digital transformation can expect to see a 25%  reduction in operating expenses and gains of 20% to 40 % in key areas such as safety, reliability, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance.

While the consulting company Gartner notes that 37% of organizations have already started digitized operations. In many cases utility companies have been slower to adopt digital workforce management systems. As regulators, investors, customers, and competitor's demand increasingly shorter response times, the pressure is on for utility companies to optimize performance. Digital transformation creates opportunities for significant efficiency and productivity gains.

Fortunately Implementing digital transformation in your organisation is easier than it may seem. Many field worker operational challenges can be  solved through the use of flexible mobile workflow forms. There is no software coding required – GeoPal provides an easy to use online tool for creating mobile forms using a simple drag and drop interface.

Unlike traditional paper-based reporting, GeoPal provides management with real-time visibility of their field operations through executive dashboards and KPI reports, enabling them to take immediate action on at-risk projects. Utility and Utility Support Services companies already benefiting from using GeoPal are operating in a diverse range of markets including power, water, telecommunications, road, rail, marine, petrochemical, nuclear, civil engineering and other infrastructure services. Projects are manpower heavy and work includes civils, maintenance, fibre installation, scaffolding, industrial painting, cleaning and refurbishment.

Benefits of GeoPal include:

• Increase Field Worker utilization rates by 20%.

• Reduce office administration costs by 50% by eliminating all paper processes.

• Increase Project Profitability by 25% by delivering reports to supervisors in the field.

• Reduce the time taken to issue Work-In-Progress invoices from 30 days to 3 days.

• Increase client satisfaction by 60% with same-day reports for every project.

• Reduce insurance claims by 75% with enforced health & safety compliance.


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