Digitising Health & Safety Forms in the Utility Sector

Utilities field workers are consistently exposed to dangerous environments, hazardous equipment and high-risk materials. The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) revealed that workers in the electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply industries reported the highest rate of self-reported work-related ill health and non-fatal injuries Consequently, there is an urgent need for digital technologies that allow for real-time visibility in the field - to mitigate not only the financial costs of non-compliance, but the human cost.

Mobile technology can be deployed to promote and record on-site compliance. The GeoPal Mobile App can be used to enforce Health and Safety compliance. Workflows on the GeoPal App guide field users through required steps, confirming the completion key health and safety checks such as:

  • Vehicle Inspection Checks
  • Start-of-Day Safety Checks
  • Method Statement Review
  • Risk Assessments
  • End-of-Day Safety Check

Creating a Health & Safety Risk Assessment

Back-office staff can select a pre-populated Risk Assessment template on the GeoPal Web Portal as pictured below, or easily create a custom one.

Once the workflow is created, Back-office staff can easily assign the health and safety form to a particular job or employee and set a colour, priority status, date range and project/ site name.

Once the job is assigned and dispatched through the Web Portal, it is synced to the GeoPal Mobile App for the field worker to fill out their mobile device. Fields for completion include dropdown sections, mandatory steps, photos, signatures, site/project details etc. The GeoPal App ascribes an instant risk rating based on the recorded data, informing field workers if it is safe to proceed. In the event of a high-risk rating, an automatic email is triggered to the Health & Safety officer back at the office.

Data captured from the Field is displayed to management on custom BI Dashboards and Reports. Management can draw meaningful insights from powerful visual data.

The Benefits of GeoPal Include:

  • Increase Field Worker utilization rates by 20%.
  • Reduce office administration costs by 50% by eliminating all paper processes.
  • Increase Project Profitability by 25% by delivering reports to supervisors in the field.
  • Reduce the time taken to issue Work-In-Progress (WIP) invoices from 30 days to 3 days
  • Increase client satisfaction by 60% with same-day reports for every project.
  • Reduce insurance claims by 75% with enforced health & safety compliance.
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