Digitising Utilities - Establishing Resilience in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has shifted traditional Utilities towards technological transformation. Consulting company Kearny notes that by leveraging digitization, utility companies can increase profits by 4% in the short term and up to 25% overall. The emerging Utility landscape is being shaped by three major forces - market dynamics, new technologies and regulatory frameworks. GeoPal equips Utility organisations with the technological tools to compete in a dynamic environment.

GeoPal is a cloud service and mobile app to manage mobile workforces, reducing administration costs and increasing productivity, giving your business a competitive edge. GeoPal solves common problems and reduces the cost of managing Utility field teams, helping companies to:

Eliminate Paperwork and Data Re-entry. Streamline operations with paperless job dispatch and customizable mobile forms for increased accuracy and speed of transfer of information between the field and office.

Improve Visibility.  GeoPal improves visibility of employees and assets in the field. Increased visibility with location monitoring creates operational efficiencies to support critical decision-making and provide vital protection for lone workers.

Improve Compliance and Productivity. Ensure all information is verified with time, date and location stamps, providing detailed records for monitoring or auditing work completed, to enhance performance and compliance of all field engineers, internal or outsourced.

Create Detailed, Accurate Reports in Minutes. GeoPal enables real-time reporting and analysis of data captured accurately in the field. Faster report and invoice creation improves cash flow, and real-time progress updates increase customer satisfaction.

Enhance Investment in IT Systems. Investments in IT and ERP systems are enhanced and maximized with GeoPal mobility. Flexible and open API suite enables you to integrate with almost any existing IT system, including GIS, BIM, snag and project databases, HR, finance, to support mobile workers.

Why GeoPal?

GeoPal works seamlessly with leading BI applications, providing a 360 view of all Field Operations metrics. Using GeoPal’s extensive API’s, field data can be combined with other data (e.g., CRMs and ERPs), delivering a company-wide view of all data - aiding transparency and strategic decision making. The advantages of GeoPal include.

  •  No more paper, spreadsheets or bespoke inflexible reports
  • Actionable Insights and KPIs. Decisions can now be based on real-time information
  • Customisable BI dashboards
  • Real time alerts for high deviations as required.
  • Reduces data silos
  • Extract and combine field data with multiple (non-field) data sources simultaneously (e.g., CRMs and ERPs)
  • Full online access to historical records
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