Flexible Data Capture: Mobile Workflows with GeoPal

Mobile workforce technologies have transformed the way utilities organisations operate in Industry 4.0. Increased usage of smart mobile technologies empowers staff whilst equipping them with the tools to work remotely. Additionally, mobile working drives productivity and efficiency, boosting employee engagement and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Field Data Capture

Using GeoPal, real-time field data is collected at source in the field using the GeoPal Mobile App, which updates the GeoPal backend system automatically. Simply put, field employees view jobs that have been assigned to them, they then update and complete those jobs using a mobile device in the field. This eliminates the need for re-entry of data back at the office while ensuring it is accurate and consistent at all times.

Offline Capabilities

The GeoPal Solution has the capacity to work offline, a vital capability to support staff that are mobile or working remotely. Network coverage is often imperfect, and staff may not have the option to access a viable broadband connection at all times. GeoPal allows complete data capture while offline and updates the admin system automatically once a mobile connection is acquired.

Capturing Data with Workflows

Jobs can be systematically completed by users on the Mobile App. By completing these workflows, the user is capturing specific data throughout the course of the job. Creating a workflow on GeoPal is as straightforward as:

  1. Assigning the job to a field worker.
  2. Setting a start date.
  3. Filling the specific fields of the job template (e.g., Job duration, Priority, custom views for job details)
  4. Hitting save.

After saving, the GeoPal Job Sync function will dispatch the job to the relevant field worker – who will receive a “new job” notification on his/her mobile device. When the new job is opened on the mobile device, the user is brought through the pre-defined workflow steps to capture the required field data such as photos, gps coordinates, bar code scans, signatures and much more.

Why GeoPal?

Implementing digital transformation in your organisation is easier than it may seem. Common organisational challenges are solved through the use of flexible mobile workflow forms. As demonstrated, here is no software coding required – GeoPal provides an easy-to-use online tool for creating mobile forms using a simple drag and drop interface.


About GeoPal

GeoPal helps its clients achieve operational excellence using the management insights we deliver through our mobile data capture and analytics solution. GeoPal is a customisable Field Operations Management (FOM) Solution that connects field workers, remote assets and Internet Of Things (IOT) sensors, leveraging field data to gain real-time actionable insights and increase the productivity, profitability and health and safety compliance of your business. GeoPal’s client list includes some of the largest Industrial Services, Utility Services, City Management, Environmental and Facilities Management companies in the world.

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