Fully Utilizing Software Customization To Enhance Your Business

GeoPal has been designed and developed to make creating custom workflows a stress free process. We also continue to develop unique and innovative ways of providing custom products for our clients, recently this has taken a huge leap forward with the release of our new Custom Modules System.

Making software customization work with Agile

With every customer from the beginning of each project, we are proponents of software customization and an Agile methodology to apply these customizations.  From the first day building user stories to the last day closing UAT we work with a series of assumptions regarding our clients’ needs:

  • They need to establish a reliable bridge between their field workers and office managers;
  • They have quite stringent and specific requirements in terms of Proof of Delivery, Proof of Service, Field Data Capture and Health & Safety;
  • Their needs are constantly evolving due to the nature of the services they provide.

For all the reasons stated above, clients find that GeoPal, being a middle ground between a bespoken software solution and an off-the-shelf solution, offers the very best of both worlds.

We don’t want an off-the-shelf solution. We’ve tried that before and we can never get them to exactly match our requirements. With these solutions, if you need to change anything it is a big deal and takes months and months. These solutions are just not designed for Industrial Support Services businesses.

We see GeoPal as a cloud platform that provides us with the core functionality that we need and then we can build a customisation layer on top of that.

Tim Crowe, Actavo, Group Engineering Director

What is a custom web or mobile module?

Web modules or mobile modules are fast, flexible and customized apps used to make the connection between the GeoPal platform and the relevant external APIs.

Using Javascript along with our own suite of Scripting APIs, our development tools allow you to build interfaces to interact with your data in a way that best suits your business requirements. Examples would include overview pages flagging overdue or problematic jobs, customised timesheet reports along with other custom report modules.

Because we use Javascript almost all developers can dive straight in to create new functionalities, logic or workflows. The possibilities for constructing new apps are endless.

We also use web scripting to create Internet of Things projects, for example, to define the business logic that specifies how sensor alarms are to be handled.

Why Customer Engineers love Custom Modules

The module system is by far the Customer Engineering Team’s favourite tool. It allows us to build custom User Interfaces on both the web platform and mobile platform that are tailored to the exact needs of each client, or each client’s customers. 

GeoPal gives us the ability to build our own custom mobile apps. We can customise GeoPal exactly the way we need for our different business units.

Tim Crowe, Actavo, Group Engineering Director

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt over the years, it’s that no two clients, no matter how similar, have the same workflows and business requirements. With clients that are just starting to take the first steps in their Digital Transformation journey, legacy workflows can represent a sizeable challenge.

With the new module system we are able to build, from scratch, custom User Interfaces that work best for our clients, displaying the data in a manner that’s both relevant and efficient for the user. This last point is of particular interest to managers using GeoPal, since they need to extract relevant insights and actionable reports from work conducted in the field.

The web modules fit seamlessly into the standard GeoPal system, allowing clients to add menu items to access their modules, which open up within the same page. Similarly, our mobile modules will appear on the mobile app as custom items in the navigation bar and home pages. Finally, through our permission settings clients can easily configure access rights for each user.

What is Customer Engineering?

The main goal of GeoPal’s Customer Engineering Team is to help design and develop any custom work that will involve custom coding. The custom engineering team also provides advice and training to clients who have their own in-house development teams as well as ongoing support.

Curious to see what your custom solution might look like? Get in touch and we’ll go over the details.

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