GeoPal Capabilities for Utility Organisations

Utility Contractors are companies operating in a wide range of highly competitive markets, including water, power, telecommunications, roads, rail, marine, petrochemical, and nuclear. To survive in Industry 4.0, Utility organisations need to optimize service delivery, ensure health & safety compliance and mitigate against the risk of claims. Streamlined processes ensure each team member is performing to the same standard. GeoPal’s mobile workforce app guides your service teams through the service visit workflow, ensuring consistency each time.

Using GeoPal’s mobile workforce management solution, Utility contractors can leverage experience and expertise to achieve the best possible results. Real-time data is extracted from the field as the project unfolds - displaying key data points and KPI’s in the web system using BI tools.

GeoPal offers Utility contractors a customisable agile field operations management solution with an extensive range of capabilities:

Flexible Data Capture. Contracts Managers can benefit from flexible data capture to automate their fieldwork activities and processes, integrate them with existing IT systems (CRM/ERP) and track contract progress at a glance with real-time KPI reports.

Executive Dashboards for Business Analytics. Utility Contractors can gather, visualise and leverage data insights with GeoPal. By gaining visibility over their field operations, managers can undergo digital transformation, delivering operational efficiencies. Real-time reports inform on progress made in commercial, operational and health & safety KPIs.

Health & Safety Audits. Contracts Managers carry out a wide range of audits and inspections on GeoPal including Risk Assessments, PPE compliance, Vehicle Inspections and Asset Inspections.

Fieldwork Automation. Utility supervisors use the GeoPal runbook functionality to automate field activities and processes - enabling integration with third-party contractors, clients and backend systems, such as Oracle, SAP, MS SQL and GIS.

Flexible scheduling options. GeoPal offers multiple enterprise scheduling options, from manual static scheduling to full dynamic scheduling. This added flexibility allows field and office teams to pick the option best suited to their needs on a per project basis.

The Benefits of GeoPal Include:

  • Increase Field Worker utilization rates by 20%.
  • Reduce office administration costs by 50% by eliminating all paper processes.
  • Increase Project Profitability by 25% by delivering reports to supervisors in the field.
  • Reduce the time taken to issue Work-In-Progress (WIP) invoices from 30 days to 3 days
  • Increase client satisfaction by 60% with same-day reports for every project.
  • Reduce insurance claims by 75% with enforced health & safety compliance.
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