GeoPal offers a free “Fitness to Work -Self Assessment” mobile form to its Customers

Construction is amongst one of the first industries to resume work in the first phase of the Government's roadmap to reopen the economy. Practically all construction work that has been paused due to Covid-19 can begin to resume again. Construction companies and contractors have been advised on regulations to enforce social distancing and hygiene in the workplace and unions have urged the government to enforce tough safety rules to reassure employees of a safe return to sites.

National Construction Bodies have brought forward their own new operating procedures for the building sector, including rules on social distancing and having a designated person on site to oversee compliance with Covid-19 rules.

At GeoPal many of our customers in the construction and utilities industry have begun putting in place their own policies and procedures for the health and safety of their employees as they prepare to return to work and with this in mind we thought it would be a good opportunity to offer those companies the option of using our mobile form builder to create a “Fitness to work - Self Assessment Form”. Not only will this form answer vital questions but will ensure the safety and fitness of all those employees.

The process is simple but extremely effective:

  1. Create the “Fitness to Work - Self Assessment Form” on the GeoPal app (see example below)
  2. Your employees fill out this mandatory form on their mobile device before starting work or leaving their home. 
  3. Management and the designated person(s) on-site to oversee compliance with Covid-19 rules will see results instantly.
  4. If the results of the “fitness to work - self-assessment” form show any alerts, not only can you make contact with that employee, but also see the location, job or project and the people associated with it who can be contacted if needed.

This offer of the Free “Fitness to Work - Self Assessment” form has been prepared to assist employers and employees in the construction and utilities industry to identify any potential risks plus to maintain a safe place of work as required under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, to limit the exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace.

If you are working in the construction or utilities industry and are interested in availing of a customised form to suit your requirements, please get in touch with us at

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