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Coffey Group

From paper forms to data analytics

"GeoPal gives us great flexibility in recording the information that traditionally we would have gathered in paper-based records. We are able to analyse that information and use it to improve efficiencies out in the field."

TLI Group

Mobile Data Capture for Utility Contractors

"GeoPal has made super users out of our staff. Many of the guys in the field hadn't used a mobile app before, they had been using paper for 20-30 years, but within an hour they were able to use GeoPal and start collecting some useful data."


Mobile Data Capture for Construction

"With GeoPal we are getting a massive edge over our competition, they can’t manage to the level of granularity that we can. For us, GeoPal is all about tracking our profitability."


Mobile Data Capture for Environmental Services

"Our upsells have doubled since we implemented GeoPal. A lead will have arrived in the office before the engineer leaves the customer."

Wexford County Council

Mobile Data Capture for Public Sector

"The really impressive features are the customer configurable template for the forms used by staff and also the offline feature, which is essential as we work in remote areas with often poor or non existent cellular communications."

Traffic Solutions

Mobile Data Capture for Connected Field Service

"We now identify every asset in our operation through GeoPal and can easily perform a range of functions to make us better at what we do and more importantly, better than our competition."

Morrison Mainline

Mobile data capture for telecoms

"GeoPal has helped to save us quite a lot of time, we're probably saving 2-3 hours per day. It is a much safer system, because the flow of data is controlled, the handheld device can be remotely shut down if there is an issue. Paper just doesn't go missing anymore, everything is on the device that the worker is using."


Mobile Data Capture for Facility Management

"A lot of our workers have smartphones and using the app through GeoPal was just a natural progression for them. With the GeoPal app we can gather a lot more information in digital form."

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