Health & Safety in the Field with GeoPal

Digital technologies are rapidly changing economies, societies and our way of working. In the utilities industry, environment, health and safety (EHS) has been significantly impacted by the inception of digital technologies that allow for more efficient and rigorous practices, such as improved safety checks, risk assessment and incident reporting . Despite this, utilities and construction remain high-risk industries - the latest figures from the UK’s Health & Safety Executive report 40 fatal injuries to construction workers this year alone - a 22% increase from 2018/2019. Non-compliance does not come without cost - the average fine for health and safety non-compliance was £150,000 last year. There is an urgent need for technologies that allow for real-time visibility in the field, to mitigate not only the financial costs of non-compliance, but also the human cost.

GeoPal significantly improves safety management within the utilities industry by providing ready access to data, regular updates and instant communication between teams in the office and workers in the field.

Using GeoPal, all audits and inspections can be carried out from a mobile app, empowering field workers to raise any security alerts immediately to their supervisors with ease. Mobile data capture allows for pre-defined workflows for inspection checks to be carried out. Mobile data capture is also used to record data that companies can use to safeguard themselves; from vehicle safety checks to recording the safety barriers in place, there is scope for companies to score 100% in Health & Safety requirements. GeoPal records and measures KPI’s in real-time so team leaders can intervene and prevent incidents and non-compliance before it’s too late.

Health and Safety of the field workforce is of paramount importance. Enforcing Health & Safety compliance is a key management objective. When GeoPal is used effectively, organisations can expect:

  • 60% increase in client satisfaction with improved health & safety KPIs.
  • Insurance claims reduced by 75% with enforced health & safety compliance.
  • As each job step is date and time stamped on the GeoPal mobile app, Management are provided with valuable performance metrics while also verifying worker and contractor safety through checklists, photos and signatures.
  • Rapid capture of non-conformities by Health and Safety officers on the GeoPal mobile app and the ability to assign non-conformity reports ( NCRs ) to field workers for resolution.

Additionally, field operations management solutions allow managers to modify jobs and responsibilities in real-time while communicating changes to the entire team. It makes staying informed simple, while also exchanging safety instructions, step-by-step job guides and risk assessments.

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