How to achieve service excellence in mobile workforce management

How can today's mobile workforce managers pair service excellence with the latest innovation in IoT?

Making mobile workforce management work for you

While few would argue that service excellence is a key driver in customer retention as well as a key contributor for a business’ profitability, pinpointing the key elements of service excellence might prove more challenging. From our experience here at GeoPal Solutions, what we come across time and time again is a confluence of three key elements: people, process and technology. And the cornerstone of these three elements might just be actionable IoT data

Achieving consistency in service excellence with mobile workforce apps

One of the headaches most likely to plague managers dealing in mobile workforce management is how to achieve consistency in service excellence. Henry Ford might have been a pioneer in product consistency with the assembly line, but managers dealing with 21st century expectations are aware that the key in service excellence consistency is the people + process + technology equation:

  1. Each team member must perform to the same standard
  2. Each team member must follow the same processes
  3. A service workflow must be in place and must be adhered to

The technological answer to the service excellence consistency query is mobile technology and, more specifically, a mobile workforce app, coupled with a mobile workforce management system that gives you real time visibility over field operations. 


Pushing for record operational efficiency levels with IoT

So we know that a mobile workforce app can ensure process compliance, which will in turn lead to consistent excellency in service levels, but there are additional challenges to be tackled in mobile workforce management, namely:

  • How can we increase operational efficiency?
  • How can we increase productivity from service teams?

The answer to both of these questions is in IoT and in the possibilities it brings to getting real-time intelligence for your business. Through our IoT enabled Workforce Mobility Platform and App, GeoPal has worked alongside clients to deliver tailored mobile workforce management solutions that result in increased operational efficiencies.

More specifically, our clients’ operational processes are transformed through 1) the creation of customized mobile workforce apps and 2) their integration with our clients’ IoT sensing solutions. Two of GeoPal’s technological solutions are of particular interest in this regard: real-time reports and data insights.

Real-time intelligence and mobile workforce management

A simple, yet powerful example of how data-driven IoT can transform your current approach to mobile workforce management is the workflow evolution from fixed to dynamic work distribution.

Many service tasks and inspections are driven by fixed rotas. Cleaning, security and maintenance tasks are most often done in a pre-planned way based on standard time intervals. The challenge is to drive your service business dynamically, based on need rather than on fixed time intervals. This is where IoT and a mobile workforce app make all the difference.

Mobile workforce management in Smart Facilities Management

For Savills Property Management, we implemented an IOT data driven solution at the Strand Shopping Mall in Liverpool to count the number of people using the washroom facilities.

Prior to this solution the washrooms were inspected and cleaned once per hour, so 12 times every business day. However, once we implemented a people counting functionality, we identified a pattern: we found that the washrooms needed to be cleaned after every 50 visits. Based on these data findings, once this threshold was reached, the GeoPal cloud platform dispatched a cleaning job to the mobile workforce app of the appropriate cleaner.

In practice, by moving from a fixed roster to a reactive model, Savills were able to cut down on the number of cleaning visits by 50%, since during peak times, the washrooms need to be cleaned twice per hour, but at off peak times they only need to be cleaned every 2 to 3 hours. IoT was then the enabling factor in service excellence consistency.

Attaining operational efficiency with IoT sensors

Internet of Things sensors placed on the assets you are servicing or monitoring provide real-time data on the condition and performance of your assets, be they mechanical or electrical equipment, buildings, facilities or environmental spaces. IoT sensors can measure:

  • the temperature of a refrigeration unit
  • the number of people using a washroom
  • the pressure of a filter in an air conditioning unit
  • and much, much more.

Readings from IoT sensors are sent wirelessly to the cloud, where they are compared with thresholds that are pre-defined by your business. When a threshold is exceeded it can trigger a service job which is automatically dispatched to the mobile workforce app of the service person closest to the asset location and with the correct skill set. GeoPal has developed IoT solutions for companies in several different industries. 

Mobile workforce management in Smart City Management

For South Dublin County Council, a Local City Authority in Ireland, GeoPal developed an IoT solution to optimize repairs in 350 traffic-light junctions. Faulty alarms from all traffic-light junctions were loaded onto GeoPal’s cloud platform and 100 different alarm codes were created, triggering a pre-defined action to be taken.

If an urgent fault occurred, a repair job would be created in the cloud and would be assigned to the field technician closest to the faulty traffic junction and who would have the correct spare part in his or her van

As a result of implementing an IoT solution, South Dublin County Council was able to get 100% of traffic junction faults fixed within the agreed SLA time.

The IoT takeaway for Mobile Workforce Management

By developing industry-specific solutions powered by IoT and GeoPal’s mobile workforce app, we have managed not only to transform our clients’ workforce productivity and asset availability, but have also contributed to help them achieve consistent levels of service excellence.

We’ve established ourselves as one of the fastest growing providers of IoT and mobility solutions for companies operating across several industries worldwide. If you are is ready to embrace a fully-fledged mobile workforce management system, get in touch.

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