How to Capture the Value of Digital in Utilities

Digital transformation is key for organisations pursuing operational excellence and new revenue streams. In an increasingly competitive Utilities landscape, digital is allowing organisations to work safer and work better. Utilities are facing an urgent need to upscale their legacy systems and evolve their digital footprint. While the emerging landscape brings complex challenges, Utilities can leverage their in-depth ‘tribal’ knowledge and operational history, capitalising on their most valuable asset - data.

GeoPal helps Utilities capture value through full visibility and real time data extraction from the field. Unlike traditional paper-based reporting, GeoPal provides management with real-time visibility of their field operations through executive dashboards and KPI reports, enabling them to immediately spot opportunities and identify challenges.

7 Ways to Capture Value with Digital

Digital transformation in Utilities has positive organisation-wide impacts for management and key stakeholders.

Progress Reports. Improve contract management - Contracts Managers can guarantee the delivery of daily/weekly progress reports to clients, improving contract management

Field Worker Utilisation. Increase productivity and project trajectory - Operations Managers will see an increase in field worker utilisation rates.

Cost Performance. Accurate Project Forecast and Budgeting - Contracts Manager will see the daily Cost Performance of each project/contract.

Project Visibility. Prioritise Urgent Work - Operations Managers can focus on “at-risk” projects and let performing projects run their course.

Performance. Monitor Performance - Supervisors will see daily performance stats on their mobile app and adjust the work plan accordingly.

Health and Safety Compliance. Decrease risk - Health and Safety managers will benefit from increased health & safety compliance.

Invoicing. Reduce invoicing times - Finance Managers will benefit from a reduction in the time from completing work to issuing invoices.

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