Improve Project Efficiency with GeoPal Timesheet Management

In Industry 4.0, Utility organisations are faced with significant operational and competitive challenges, catalysing the need for strong digital momentum in the Industry. The Future of Field Operations study reports that 85% of utility leaders agree that real-time data access is a vital component of successful execution of workflows across the Utilities industry. Integrating mobile technologies allows energy and utility companies to improve operational efficiency, workforce effectiveness, health and safety compliance and service delivery. Manual paper processes and lack of automation can limit organisations’ capabilities to improve their performance. Using paper-based timesheet procedures can be labour intensive and result in data entry errors. Successful utilities organisations are increasing their Digital Quotient through transformations like smart metering, automated billing, invoicing and timesheets.

GeoPal Timesheet Management is a mobile enabled end-to-end timesheet management solution designed to completely automate timesheet capture among field based employees, seamlessly integrating with existing systems. GeoPal Timesheet Management simplifies project costing, billing and payroll processing.


The Benefits.

  1. Operational Efficiency. Plan, Manage and measure utility field workers' activity more efficiently with full visibility.
  2. Productivity. Visibility and real time data capture facilitates Improved team productivity and performance.
  3. Optimised Payroll Processing. Seamlessly integrate timesheets with your existing Payroll solution for accelerated processing.
  4. Compliance. Reduce project deviations with full visibility and auditable data trails.
  5. Customisable. GeoPal timesheets are completely customisable depending on requirements.
  6. Light Touch Project. The GeoPal Timesheet Solution can typically be fully deployed in a matter of weeks
  7. Approvals & Authorisation. Management has the capacity to review & approve timesheets prior to Project Costing, Payroll or Billing.
  8. Customer Sign Off. Customers can sign-off time in the field, minimizing disputes.
  9. Offline Capabilities. GeoPal will complete data capture while offline, updating the system automatically once connection is found.


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