Improving Health & Safety Compliance in Utilities with GeoPal

Utility Industry companies with the best safety records treat risk management as a strategic priority that drives decision making. These companies ensure their utility workforce are equipped with mobile devices that facilitate better workforce management, efficient field operations, remote asset management, regulatory compliance and real-time visibility. As increasing numbers of utilities companies invest in mobile digital infrastructures, a transformation is taking place. It consists of a responsive, better prepared utility industry capable of meeting the demanding requirements for health & safety compliance in Industry 4.0.

According to reports, 88% of Industrial accidents are caused by ‘unsafe acts of persons’ - 10% of which are ‘unsafe mechanical/physical hazards’. Most of these accidents are preventable when adequate measures are in place. A key element of Health and Safety for Utility Contractors is encouraging field workers to take responsibility for their own safety. Digital tools, such as GeoPal, can be deployed to promote the right behaviour on site and enforce Health and Safety compliance. GeoPal helps organisations create workflows, guiding field users through required steps, for example:

  • Vehicle Inspection Checks
  • Start of Day Safety Checks
  • Method Statements
  • Risk Assessment to Identify Hazards and to Confirm that Control Measures are in Place
  • End of Day Safety Checks

Each step of a Risk Assessment completed on the GeoPal mobile app has an associated score and a weighting, generating an instant risk rating, informing the worker if it is safe to proceed or not. An automatic email can be triggered to the Health & Safety officer back at the office in the event of a high-risk rating.

The Lone Worker feature in GeoPal protects lone workers in the field with just their smartphones, enabling organisations to comply with health and safety regulations. Alerts can be triggered should a field worker find themselves in trouble in the field. GeoPal’s Lone Worker feature is comprised of three elements:

  1. The Panic Alarm allows the worker to send an alert by pressing the power button 3 times. This will trigger the alarm and can be done discreetly.
  2. The Check-In means the device will set off an alarm at a set time interval, if not cancelled by the worker - then the alert is sent to the distribution list.
  3. The Non-Movement detection sends an alert if a mobile device has been sedentary for a predetermined period of time.

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