Increasing your Digital Quotient with GeoPal

The utilities and construction industries have been notoriously slow to adopt digital technologies. As regulators, investors, customers, and competitor's demand increasingly shorter response times, the pressure is on for utility companies to optimize performance and embrace industry 4.0. Digital transformation creates opportunities for significant efficiency and productivity gains when digital capabilities are successfully aligned with strategy. Digital Quotient (DQ) measures an organisation’s performance across four key dimensions of digital maturity;

Raising the digital quotient in your organisation involves carefully considering a strategy, proactively embracing opportunities for digitization and investing in relevant digital capabilities that are scalable and agile. Consulting company McKinsey notes that high performing organisations focus their automation efforts on well-defined processes, informing strategic data-empowered decision making and facilitating agile & adaptive culture.

Achieving digital maturity involves balancing People, Processes, Data and Technology – the four dimensions of a successful digital transformation strategy.  While the construction industry is one of the lowest investors of any industry in digital technology, implementing digital transformation in your organisation is easier than it may seem. There are seven key stages on the road to digital maturity;

  1. Business as Usual: Undefined digital strategy.
  2. Present & Active: Common understanding of general strategy. Undefined digital strategy remains.
  3. Formalized: Defined digital strategy and digital toolbox.
  4. Strategic: Internal collaboration, high levels of digital adoption.
  5. Converged: Formally documented processes, unbroken digital value chain
  6. Innovative & Adaptive: Organizational values embrace transformation. Data collected in real-time informing data-driven decision making.
  7. Mature: Fully integrated digital technologies. Agile and adaptive digital operations inform continual improvement of processes.

Raise your digital quotient and accelerate your journey to digital maturity with GeoPal. Unlike traditional paper-based reporting, GeoPal provides management with real-time visibility of their field operations through executive dashboards and KPI reports, enabling them to take immediate action on at-risk projects. Utility and Utility Support Services companies already benefiting using GeoPal are operating in a diverse range of markets including power, water, telecommunications, road, rail, marine, petrochemical, nuclear, civil engineering and other infrastructure services.

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