Meet GeoPal’s Mobile Field Operations for Netsuite

At GeoPal we take mobile field operations very seriously and endeavour to provide the best possible ERP integration with the GeoPal Cloud Platform. Since GeoPal’s leading industry platform is extremely flexible, adding new features and building new integrations becomes a way of expanding GeoPal’s reach. 

GeoPal Job Sync - a NetSuite integration bundle

Our latest milestone in this regard is our latest NetSuite release: GeoPal Mobile Field Operations for Netsuite. Commonly known as a SuiteApp, this bundle helps to establish a bridge between your NetSuite account and the GeoPal Cloud Platform, an extremely useful tool for mobile field operations. More specifically, this bundle enhances the capabilities of a NetSuite account, allowing it to create GeoPal-specific jobs, both locally and in the GeoPal Cloud, while keeping their progress status synchronized.

Keeping the flexibility in Mobile Field Operations

According to what has become one of GeoPal’s standards, the SuiteApp has been designed to provide the highest possible degree of flexibility: it can be tailored and adapted to suit any particular business flow in mobile field operations, from well-established field jobs workflows to advanced IoT integration projects.

The SuiteApp bundle allows managers to build on already existing Job Templates and Employees, using the configurations from the GeoPal Cloud Platform account. This is achieved through a very simple process:

  1. Download GeoPal Mobile Field Operations for Netsuite
  2. Access your account
  3. A new menu entry is created, called GeoPal, from which all bundle functionalities can be accessed

The installation of the bundle is managed via an installation assistant that does the heavy lifting of importing all the data needed. Asides from entering the correct credentials to access your account, additional configuration will hardly be needed at all. In addition, we have created the role of GeoPal Administrator, to ease the task of delegating the responsibility of managing jobs on GeoPal. The GeoPal Administrator has rights both to create and to either list or search for jobs. 

ERP Integration doesn’t stand for additional complexity

What would be the use of integrating GeoPal with NetSuite, if clients were to lose on simplicity? While we are expanding our reach and putting our Mobile Field Solutions out there, we intend to keep offering our clients the highest possible degree of functionality.

This is why Creating a GeoPal Job on NetSuite involves the same 2-step process that you have on the GeoPal platform: same functionality, same granularity. Similarly, Assigning a GeoPal Job is still as straightforward as:

  1. assigning the job to a field worker,
  2. setting a start date,
  3. filling the specific fields of the job template, and lastly,
  4. hitting save.

After saving, the GeoPal Job Sync will trigger a similar process on the GeoPal Cloud Platform, adding the new job in every client’s customized Geopal workflow.

As soon as Jobs are reported by the field workers through the mobile platform, the GeoPal SuiteApp will keep checking for status updates. All it takes to get a general overview of all updates on the jobs, one only has to do a search or view the entire Jobs List to see in details the current status of every single job.

The custom records created by GeoPal can be used in all NetSuite processes or entities through the SuiteBuilder customization. Attaching a GeoPal job to a NetSuite Task or Job or in a workflow follows the same steps as when using NetSuite standard records.

Work in Progress: more ERP integrations in Mobile Field Operations to follow

Besides the current functionalities and planned roadmap for the future versions of the GeoPal Mobile Field Operations for NetSuite, we’ll keep looking for new ways to fulfil our mission: connecting your field workers with remote assets and IoT sensors. 

Where can you see it in action?

The GeoPal Mobile Field Operations for NetSuite is available on (the official NetSuite marketplace) and through the NetSuite OneWorld SuiteBundler channel. The bundle is implemented using NetSuite’s latest scripting standards, SuiteScript 2.0, to benefit from the better modularity and scalability and it will run in non-managed mode.

Check Out GeoPal’s Mobile Field Operations for NetSuite


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