Following on from our recent blog on using Field Service Management software to increase customer satisfaction, in this edition we are going to look at how customer satisfaction can be increased further by facilitating payments while on site!

Are you waiting for payment from customers before starting your next job or possibly chasing customers for payment after a job has been completed? You’ll know better than anyone that it’s a time-consuming task. It can take up to 15 minutes for your field technicians to call your office based staff and ask the customer to provide card details over the phone - a big no-no in GDPR terms! If you’re still taking cheques then you’re looking at another week before it’s “money in the bank”. This issue can now become a thing of the past for field service contractors using GeoPal thanks to our latest integration with Prommt.

Prommt is a smart payment request platform, enabling businesses to send secure payment links via SMS and Email and without the need for a separate payment terminal. Working with the Prommt API, GeoPal allows field staff to complete the job on site, review and update the quoted price with any extra options, and then issue a secure payment request to the waiting customer - it’s just another step in the job workflow!

Once the job is wrapped up in the GeoPal app, the technician can click on the “Process Payment” button, which automatically sends a message to the end customer via SMS or Email (or both) containing a link to a secure payment page where card details can be entered. Verification of payment is immediate with both parties receiving a confirmation notification - not unlike the process of entering your pin code at a shop terminal! Payment can be completed on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or whatever device the customer has at hand.

The Prommt web console gives you and your back office team an active dashboard providing an overview of all payment requests and payment status. It enables you process refunds, issue payment requests and send bulk payment requests via SMS and Email.   

Smartphones, tablets and similar mobile technologies are continuously evolving, with mobile phones basically ubiquitous in modern day society. Organisations using GeoPal that are working predominantly in the field with no formal payment processes or taking payment over the phone either before or after job completion could see extensive benefits from this integration.

Field service organisations tend to have a heavy reliance on positive cash flow. Mobile payments can help speed up the gap between job completion and receiving payment, therefore giving you the ability to accept more jobs in the future. Having the payment feature built into GeoPal means field technicians won’t have to learn a new system and requesting payment becomes just an extra step in the process.

Benefits Summed Up

  • Get Paid Faster
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Full up-to-date visibility of customer accounts
  • Just another step in the job workflow
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