Optimising Processes in Utilities with GeoPal

Manual paper-based processes, disparate systems and low visibility inhibit the advancement of Utility organisations. Successful Utility companies require the capabilities to efficiently identify issues, gain actionable insight, track progress across multiple projects, forecast expenditure, and demonstrate high levels of health and safety compliance. To achieve these objectives and compete in an increasingly demanding market Utilities must invest in comprehensive solutions that deliver visibility, real time data and streamlined workflow processes. GeoPal delivers real-time actionable insights to Utilities, enabling them to increase the productivity, profitability and health and safety compliance of their enterprises with several core features.

The Features

Mobile Workforms. Create an unlimited number of mobile workflow form templates, surveys and audits with no coding required. Include fields like image, signature, text, GPS coordinates. Streamline workflow processes to improve efficiency and productivity.

Custom Reports. Create actionable reports with custom layouts visually displaying mobile data to management or clients. Gain actionable insights with full visibility.

Job Scheduling and Dispatch. Schedule jobs with drag and drop on the GeoPal activity planner. Automatically optimise travel times and route planning.

Location and Mapping. View the real-time location of your field workers on a google map on the GeoPal cloud platform. The GeoPal mobile app sends a location update every 5 minutes.

Asset Management. Implement predictive analytics and optimise asset health with GeoPal IoT. Reduce asset downtime with real time alerts from IoT sensors.

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