Our Tech

A customizable workforce mobility platform to suit your every need.

GeoPal is used to create powerful mobile workforce apps and seamlessly integrate them with our clients’ existing IT systems. Our mobile workforce solution delivers transformative, operational efficiencies through actionable reports and data insights. Our clients typically see their workforce utilization levels increase by 20% with real-time productivity reports from the field. Scroll down and explore the key features that make GeoPal the leading global provider of workforce mobility solutions in Field Operations.

Mobile App

Configure our customizable mobile app to meet your exact requirements

The GeoPal mobile workforce app is highly configurable for Field Data Capture, Job Dispatch, Proof of Delivery, Time Capture and Remote Asset Management. With the GeoPal mobile app, your field data is captured at source in a standard format which integrates effortlessly with your existing CRM, ERP or GIS system.

Cloud Platform

Manage your field Operations with our easy to use Control Centre.

Use the GeoPal cloud platform to view real-time data coming from the field such as job status updates and time & materials used. View the real-time location of field workers and the status of remote assets. Schedule and dispatch jobs. Create custom reports for your clients.

Quick Integration

Mobility Plug-in for your existing systems

The GeoPal platform is designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing ERP, CRM, GIS, Finance, Payroll and Telematics systems. The GeoPal mobile app extends the functionality of your office systems to the field, providing a communication channel between the back office and the front lines.

Actionable Reports

Make Informed Management Decisions with real-time KPI data from the field

Transformative operational efficiencies are achieved through the actionable reports and data insights that GeoPal delivers. Management view executive dashboards that show Key Business Indicators, such as workforce utilization per project, and make decisions based on these insights.

Internet of Things

Move from reactive to proactive field service with IoT

Increasingly, clients are using our expertise to deploy IoT sensors on their remote assets to monitor: temperature, humidity, pressure, noise and so on. Alarms from these sensors trigger jobs on GeoPal based on pre-defined business rules. This proactive field service management approach results in a 19% increase in asset availability.

Make the Connection!

We work with your company to implement workforce mobility solutions that transform the efficiency of your field operations. Get in touch to start developing your own solution today.