Productive, Efficient & Profitable Utilities with GeoPal

Digital transformation with GeoPal drives productivity and efficiency in Utility organisations, creating opportunities for significant profit gains. Using the GeoPal mobile app, data from the field is captured in real time. Key measures such as travel time, start time, end time, and standing time are recorded by field workers, giving management full visibility of day-to-day productivity. All information is captured with time, date, and location stamps, providing a verified audit log.


Gain actionable insights with GeoPal through real-time productivity reports and dashboards which display the percentage of time spent on billable work as a percentage of total shift time, increasing your field worker utilization rates by up to 20%



GeoPal boosts efficiency through route optimization and automatic job scheduling - minimizing the number of resources needed in the field, as well as minimizing the distance travelled by field workers. Supervisors can use the GeoPal mobile app to capture hours worked by each team member by project and by activity type, comparing planned hours against actual hours for each work order. GeoPal seamlessly integrates with leading BI Applications, helping managers track key metrics, including operational, commercial, quality and Health & Safety KPIs. With real time visibility, GeoPal measures workers time usage (planned versus actual), deviations from SLA, average repair times, and underutilised staff - ensuring quick reaction times and operational efficiency.


The GeoPal mobile app is used to capture all costs related to field operations including labour hours (selecting the field worker and confirming their hours), materials usage (selecting materials from a list or finding the materials in the search box) and plant usage (selecting the plant and entering the usage). GeoPal dashboards provide management with daily cost performance reports, showing indicative margin per work order - allowing management to act where work is going over budget.

GeoPal’s BI dashboards are configured to show:

1.      Planned hours versus actual hours

2.      Advanced notification of projects that are over budget

3.      Workforce utilization with productivity rates

4.      Daily cost performance reports

5.      End-to-end visibility of contract performance


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