Safely Deliver Recovery Projects with GeoPal

The Covid-19 crisis has created a major shift in how organisations across all sectors and industries function. According to McKinsey, during this period companies have accelerated digitization by three to four years - significantly expanding their arsenal of digitally enabled tools and systems. While all industries have been required to adapt to the changing environment, construction and utilities play a critical role in responding to the crisis and recovery.

The government has incentivized the delivery of growth projects across the UK through the following funding:

Unsurprisingly, the CPA (Construction Products Association) anticipates an 18.0% rise in construction overall in 2021. This is largely due to the pent-up demand for construction projects following lockdown and the ‘build, build, build’ strategy. According to McKinsey, staying competitive in this new environment requires new strategies and practices. Construction and Utilities companies will need to adopt digital tools to help with increased demand and urgency.

While the delivery of major infrastructure projects is crucial to economic growth, activity on site will be affected by social distancing and increased safety measures to ensure compliance. Utility and construction contractors should look to digital solutions, allowing them to monitor employees’ well-being and productivity through mobile applications. GeoPal removes paper from the field, eliminating unnecessary office visits. Enforcing a daily ‘fitness to work’ form, as provided by GeoPal, will help with the early identification of viral symptoms.

Furthermore, when GeoPal is used effectively, organisations can expect:

  • 60% increase in client satisfaction with improved health & safety KPIs.
  • Insurance claims reduced by 75% with enforced health & safety compliance.
  • As each job step is date and time stamped on the GeoPal mobile app, Management are provided with valuable performance metrics while also verifying worker and contractor safety through checklists, photos and signatures.
  • Rapid capture of non-conformities by Health and Safety officers on the GeoPal mobile app and the ability to assign non-conformity reports (NCRs) to field workers for resolution.

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