The Six Benefits of IoT in the Utilities Industry

Internet of Things or IoT is at the forefront of Industry 4.0, transforming the way utilities organisations operate — whether it is providing predictive analytics or real time asset health data — IoT supports efficient, intelligent, and cost-effective operations. Utilities organisations are leveraging IoT devices, creating intelligent connected data networks such as microgrids and smart grids, transforming the industry.  IoT devices are at the forefront of the smart grid revolution, with consulting company SAS noting that 69% of Utilities agree that  IoT is critical for success.

GeoPal provides a fully customisable IoT enabled Work Order Management (WOM) System that connects field workers, remote assets and IoT sensors, leveraging field data to immediately gain actionable insights and increase productivity, profitability and health and safety compliance. GeoPal’s IoT enabled platform coupled with interconnected IoT technology will increase the productivity and efficiency of your field teams whilst optimizing asset utilization - driving digital transformation.

The Benefits

Proactive Maintenance. Move from a reactive break-fix service model to a proactive preventive model, increasing asset lifespan and operational efficiency.

Meet SLA’s. Meet 100% of Service level Agreement obligations with real-time asset status updates and full visibility.

Increase Asset Availability. Increase asset availability by 19% by repairing assets before the point of failure, minimizing asset downtime, and optimizing lifespan.

Reduced Costs. Reduce service-related costs by moving from routine inspections to dynamic inspections based on IoT sensor data.

Increased Profitability. Drive new service revenue opportunities with the ability to guarantee up-time rates with proactive service management.

Competitive Edge. Gain a competitive edge through IoT and win more business.

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