Environmental Services

You want to increase the operational efficiency of the environmental services you deliver.

Some of the services you provide include: waste collection and recycling, graffiti removal, grease collection, drain clearing, duct work cleaning and Legionella control. You need a mobility solution for : dispatching jobs to field workers, capturing customer signatures for proof of service delivery, quotation scoping and estimating, carrying out field surveys and for capturing follow-on sales opportunities.

20% increase in the number of daily jobs completed

More efficient job scheduling will result in a significant increase in the number of jobs completed each day.

17% increase in up-sells

With on the spot quotations and credit card payment collection you will see an increase in up-sell rate.

60% reduction in time to invoice

With real-time job completion details you will be able to drastically reduce your time to invoice

80% increase in customer satisfaction

Better service delivery and better job reporting will allow you to greatly increase your customers' satisfaction.

Our upsells have doubled since we implemented GeoPal. A lead will have arrived in the office before the engineer leaves the customer.

Proof of Service Delivery

Use the GeoPal mobile app to capture the details of completed jobs including : photos, video, GPS capture, text, parts used and time taken. Capture signatures on the mobile app to confirm customer sign-off. GeoPal can also be used for collecting credit card payments.

Quotation scoping and estimating

Replace your paper based quotation scoping with mobile scoping forms on GeoPal. The mobile app holds a schedule of rates which allows fully costed quotations to be created on the app for client approval. This dramatically reduces the time from quotation to job approval.

Planned and Reactive Jobs

Set up all of your planned jobs using the GeoPal planner tools. When reactive jobs need to be assigned, view the real-time location of your field workers on a map and dispatch the job to the worker closest to the job location.

Inspections and surveys

Use the GeoPal mobile form builder web tool to create your own inspection and survey workflow steps. Once the forms are created on the web site they are automatically deployed to the mobile devices for immediate use by inspectors and surveyors.

Sales Lead Capture

Your field workers are often your best sales resource. They see upsell opportunities when on the customer site. With the GeoPal mobile app your field workers can create on the the spot quotations that are fully costed because the schedule of rates is synced with the GeoPal mobile app. When the quotation is accepted by the customer, use the GeoPal mobile app to collect credit card payments.

Internet of Things and Environmental Services

IoT sensors are being used more and more by Environmental Services companies to monitor water levels in drains, legionella bacteria, grease levels, air quality, water quality and so on. By adding IoT sensors to your service offering, you can offer a differentiated service to your clients. With IoT you can provide guaranteed service levels to your clients as a result of the real-time remote monitoring data coming from the sensors - this allows for the creation of new revenue lines for managed services.

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