Home Healthcare

You are a health care professional managing a team of carers visiting patients in their home.

You need a mobility solution for dispatching appointments and individual care plans to each carer. You need to track the location of your carers and you need to capture the arrival and departure times of your carers at each home visit. The GeoPal mobile app improves accountability and scheduling efficiency for Home Health Care providers.

20% increase in scheduling efficiency

Removes the complexity of manually re-scheduling appointments

Increased Carer Accountability

Increased Carer Accountability with proof of attendance and location tracking.

Increased Client Satisfaction

Families use the GeoPal portal to see arrival and departure times of carers.

50% Reduction in office Admin costs

By eliminating paper forms and by making scheduling easier you will achieve a significant decrease in admin costs.

With GeoPal we have removed all paper forms and everything is recorded digitally. Our carers receive their appointments, tag in and out of our clients’ homes and confirm the care plan items they have completed. This also allows us to provide fully transparent reports to the Health Service Executive ( HSE) and confirm compliance.

Flexible Appointment scheduling

Many Home Health Care companies finalize their client appointments at the weekend and dispatch the appointments to each carer by email. Throughout the week appointments need to be cancelled and rescheduled, which is very difficult via email. With GeoPal appointments are sent to the mobile app. Appointments can be changed, added and removed very easily and can be accepted / rejected by carers on their phone.

Proof of Attendance

With GeoPal you can eliminate ‘time-theft” and ensure carers spend the required amount of time with clients. The carer uses the GeoPal mobile app to scan a unique RFID/NFC tag in the client’s home. The tag is scanned on entry and exit. This date and time stamps the visit and provides confirmation that the appointments take place on time.

Individual Care Plans

When the appointment is opened on the GeoPal mobile app, it includes the individual care plan for that client. The carer then confirms on the app when each task is completed, such as : meds taken, check room temperature and so on.

High Alert Notifications

Carers use the GeoPal mobile app to enter comments about the client’s condition, in particular any important notes the next visiting carer should be aware of. The next carer will then see these High Alert Notifications when he/she scans the RFID tag on entry to the client’s home.

Real-time location visibility

See the location of your carers on google maps in real-time. The GeoPal mobile app sends location updates back to the office every 5 minutes. This allows office administrators to see how far a carer is from a client’s home and also to view the locations of appointments visited so far today.

Transparency for Families

Families of clients can log in to the GeoPal portal and see that their loved one is getting the agreed level of care, including entry and exit times of carers and confirmation of each care plan task completed in the home.

Internet of Things

There are many very important applications for the Internet of Things in Home Health Care to assist with independent living. Everything from room temperature monitoring to movement monitoring to wearable devices recording patient health data. GeoPal is well placed to capture this data and populate the data into the client visit reports.


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