Smart Facilities Management

You manage a large workforce to provide a range of cleaning, security, maintenance, landscaping and health & safety services at office buildings, shopping malls and other public facilities.

You want to optimize your service delivery, ensure health & safety compliance and mitigate against the risk of claims. You need to ensure each team member is performing to the same standard and following the same processes. GeoPal’s mobile workforce app guides your service teams through the service visit workflow, ensuring consistency each time.

Increased customer satisfaction

60% improvement in customer satisfaction by delivering consistent service levels.

Increased staff productivity

20% increase in staff productivity by moving to dynamic tasks with the Internet of Things.

Reduced admin & claims

75% reduction in claims with real-time incident reports. 50% reduction in office admin by moving to mobile forms.

Ensured Health & Safety compliance

Reach 100% compliance with Health and Safety requirements by using GeoPal.

GeoPal provides users with a comprehensive platform that they can confidently build their business on. We chose GeoPal because of its flexible approach to mobile data capture and its ability to be easily adapted to accommodate a wide range of users. This resilient robust platform just goes on giving with regular and innovative enhancements. The GeoPal customer support is second to none.

Cleaning Rounds & Heatmap Tools

Cleaners record incidences around the shopping mall using the GeoPal mobile app. The incident location is recorded by selecting the store name or by scanning an RFID tag or via a bluetooth beacon. Over time a heatmap builds up showing the hotspot of issues. Based on the heatmap, cleaning rounds can be adjusted accordingly.

Guarding Tours with Client Portal

The security guard walks their guarding round, touching the mobile phone off RFID tags placed around the building. The GeoPal app time-stamps each tag touched. The client logs in to the Guarding Portal and sees the time and location where each tag is touched. If there are more than 10 minutes between each tag the client can check for an incident report.

Incident Logging & Claim Mitigation

The cleaner uses the GeoPal mobile app to record spills. Signage is erected and photos taken - showing no slip marks in the spillage. The spill is cleared up and new photos taken. If there is a subsequent claim the GeoPal mobile form shows that there was no slip at this incident.

Client Portal View of KPI and Compliance reports

Clients have 100’s of subcontractors. Each contractor must submit weekly compliance and KPI reports. It is not feasible to receive large volumes of compliance data via spreadsheets and email. With GeoPal, the contractors enter their compliance reports in the mobile app and all data is aggregated up to custom dashboards. Where there is an issue, the client can drill down on the dashboard to individual report level.

Proof of Attendance

GeoPal makes extensive use of RFID technology for proof of attendance and Asset tagging. For Proof of Attendance, RFID tags are secured to the wall of a facility and the RFID tag is set up as a “location” asset on GeoPal. On entering the facility, the Field Worker scans the tag with the mobile phone. The GeoPal app timestamps and location stamps the RFID scan. This can also be used to signify the start/end of a shift at a location.

Health and Safety

Use GeoPal for health and safety audits, risk assessments, vehicle inspection checks. Set up recurring inspections on the GeoPal cloud service. Never miss an inspection again. All inspection details are saved on the cloud indefinitely.

Internet of Things and Facility Management

IoT sensors can be used in Facilities Management to move tasks from a fixed rota to a dynamic rota. For example, we have installed people counters over washroom facilities. Instead of cleaning the facilities every hour, the people counters tell GeoPal when a certain number of people have used the facilities, when a threshold has been reached, a cleaning job is created on GeoPal and dispatched to the appropriate cleaner.

IoT can also be used to eliminate many inspection checks, such as carbon monoxide checks in boiler rooms, legionella in water, pH levels, etc. All of these environmental measurements can be made by IoT sensors and reported to a dashboard every hour.


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