Timesheet Management

GeoPal Timesheet Management is a mobile enabled end-to-end timesheet management solution designed to completely automate timesheet capture among field based employees and integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

The GeoPal Mobile App is used for complex timesheet management such as applying in-depth overtime rules automatically, assigning labour costs to applicable projects and digitising the approval process, providing notifications and an audit trail of all approved work completed. GeoPal Timesheet Management can be used as a stand-alone app or can be implemented alongside the full GeoPal Field Operations Management solution to provide complete control over your field based team.

Project Costing

Is your project on budget? Is the time spent on the project in line with the forecast? If you have to wait until the project is complete to answer these questions then it is already too late to take corrective action. Project Managers need access to accurate real-time data on a daily basis. This demands the ability to capture time quickly and efficiently with a seamless integration to your Finance / ERP solution.


Organisations billing Time & Materials need to close the gap between execution & Invoicing whilst providing verification of delivery to keep payment disputes to a minimum. The GeoPal App provides the capability to execute next-day billing which has a profound impact on Cashflow management and the control of Work in Progress.


Seamless integration to your Payroll solution is often a top priority if you pay your staff on the basis of timesheet capture. GeoPal is easy to use for your staff and can automatically update your Payroll solution. Complex payroll structures (eg: overtime, travel allowance, subsistence expenses etc...) are easily handled through GeoPal.

Reports & Dashboards

The GeoPal Timesheet Solution offers an entire suite of visual reports & analytics. The data is collected by the field workers with supervisors, project managers, payroll and finance having the ability to view reports and dashboards that visualise the data that is applicable to them. 

Messages & Alerts

Early intervention is key to controlling projects that are not performing according to expectations. You can create multiple rules on the platform and once the criteria is met, GeoPal  automates the delivery of warning messages & alerts to the required people. 

Customer Sign-off

Your customer can sign-off on your time, on your phone/tablet, in the field. Quick, easy to use and a proven method to avoid disputes & related payment delays.

Field Data Collection

Timesheet data is collected at the source in a timely manner using the mobile app and the system is updated automatically. This eliminates the need for re-entry of data back at the office while ensuring it is accurate and consistent at all times. 

Approvals & Authorisations

Whether office based or in the field, management may need the capacity to review & approve timesheets prior to posting to the Project Costing, Payroll or Billing modules. GeoPal provides this capability on a mobile device so management can authorise timesheets even when they’re out of the office. 

Working Offline

GeoPal's Timesheet Solution has the capability to work offline, a vital element if your staff are mobile. Network coverage is often imperfect and staff may not have the option to access a viable broadband connection at all times. GeoPal will allow complete data capture while offline and will update the admin system automatically once a mobile connection is acquired. 

Data Entry via Supervisor

In many organisations, rather than each individual field worker filling out their timesheets, a team leader fills out the timesheet entry on their behalf. With GeoPal, your team leaders can enter the data and have your staff sign off their timesheet on the device. This is proven to reduce the volume of Payroll related queries/disputes and is extremely simple to manage. 

Minimal Infrastructure

Your team can enter their time quickly and easily using any standard IOS or Android device avoiding the need for a laptop or other expensive device. Tablets are a popular choice but for many organisations, economics dictate the ability to capture data via a mobile device that is already in place. GeoPal was purpose designed to operate in a mobile environment.

Cloud Based

GeoPal is a true SaaS-based solution and is hosted by us on Amazon AWS, therefore there are no expensive infrastructure costs. Cloud hosting also makes GeoPal secure, robust and easy to deploy. 

"Light Touch" Project

The GeoPal Timesheet Solution can typically be fully deployed in a matter of weeks. There is no need for a complex implementation project, which reduces any stress with implementing a new system and Return on Investment is almost immediate! 

Expected Outcomes

  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Cloud housed - no infrastructure needed
  • BYOD (Bring your own Device)- Works on IOS & Android
  • Completely customisable depending on timesheet requirements
  • Reduces project deviation
  • Improves management of projects, teams and customers

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