Utility Support Services

Utility Support Services, Utility Contractors, Infrastructure Engineers and Civil Engineering Specialists are companies operating in a wide range of markets, including: water, power, telecommunications, roads, rail, marine, petrochemical, and nuclear.

Utility Support Services companies deal with multiple clients and manpower heavy projects. Their work includes water and power meter installations, civils, maintenance, fibre installation, scaffolding, industrial painting, cleaning and refurbishment.

Increase client satisfaction with daily reports

Make client reporting easy, review your daily cost performance stats on your mobile phone and adjust work as needed.

Increase field worker utilization

With real-time visibility from the field, operations managers can focus on 'at risk' projects and let well performing projects run their course.

Achieve 100% Health & Safety compliance

Enforce 100% Health & Safety compliance and see your claims decline up to 75% with reliable, time-stamped field data capture.

On a recent 9 month project, by completing an API connection between GeoPal and our office system, we were able to save 120 man-days in the office using GeoPal by replacing data administration/processing and transferring information by API.

Cormac Howley, Project Manager SIRO FTTB, TLI Group

Flexible Data Capture

Contracts Managers can benefit from flexible data capture to automate their fieldwork activities and processes, integrate them with existing IT systems (CRM/ERP) and track contract progress at a glance with real-time KPI reports. Many workforce Mobile workflows are pre-packaged, ready to use and can be operational within a few minutes. 

Executive Dashboards for Business Analytics

Utility Contractors can gather, visualise and leverage data insights with GeoPal. By gaining added visibility over their field operations, managers can undergo a process of digital transformation and deliver operational efficiencies. Real-time reports inform them on progress made in commercial, operational and health & safety KPIs. 

Health & Safety Audits

Contracts Managers carry out a wide range of audits and inspections on GeoPal including Risk Assessments, PPE compliance, Vehicle Inspections and Asset Inspections. Weekly inspections are triggered from the GeoPal cloud platform.

Fieldwork Automation

Supervisors use the GeoPal runbook functionality to fully automate field activities and processes, which enables them to integrate it with third-party contractors, clients and their own third-party office or backend systems, such as Oracle, SAP, MS SQL and GIS. 

Flexible scheduling options

Supervisors can choose from multiple enterprise scheduling options when using GeoPal, from manual static scheduling to full dynamic scheduling. This added flexibility allows field and office teams to pick the option best suited to their needs on a per project basis. 

Make the Connection!

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