GeoPal Now Listed as Affiliate Member of Street Works UK

GeoPal is delighted to be announced as an official affiliate member of StreetWorks UK, a Trade Association representing utilities and their contractors on street works issues - check out all members here >>

Street Works UK Ltd is the UK’s only cross-sector trade association representing gas, electricity, water, sewage and telecommunications utility companies, their contractor partners and a range of affiliate companies that provide goods, materials, equipment and services that support their vision for Street Works.

Street Works UK has an established record of working constructively with Ministers, civil servants, policy makers, parliamentarians, business and campaign bodies in supporting the development of street and road work policies that deliver the required objective but are also fair, proportionate and achievable, without placing unnecessary burdens on utilities and their customers. Street Works UK continues to work tirelessly to minimise road occupation through promoting innovation and collaborative working.

The GeoPal App is used by field workers in a range of disciplines to eliminate the use of paper and ensure compliance. One of the main criteria for membership was that GeoPal align with the NJUG Vision for Street Works - here is some of the areas that matched up. 


GeoPal is used to ensure compliance with health and safety standards through compulsory health & safety form completion and verification that proper PPE Equipment is being used. Start and end of day safety inspections are also supported through the application and can be set as a mandatory requirement.

Risk assessments are another important area here where a mandatory step can be included to stipulate a full risk assessment is completed before commencing a job. Rules around this are very open to the end user where organisations mandate that the health and safety team must sign off on a risk assessment before commencement and others are happy for a foreman to sign off.

High Quality:

Quality can easily be monitored by mandating that photos be taken at opportune moments – such as a before and after picture to show work completion or photos at different stages during the job e.g. of underground pipework before groundworks are restored. These photos can be assessed by management or third parties reducing the need to visit the site to carry out an inspection. They are also used as evidence that the job has been completed to the appropriate standard, reducing the number of job disputes with sub-contractors.

Avoid Damage to Underground Assets:

Zero-strikes has become an extremely common term over the past 12-18 months in the street works industry and GeoPal have introduced a workflow to ensure contractors carry out proper due diligence before commencing works where there may be a danger of damaging underground assets (water, power, gas etc.) This can be set a mandatory step before completing any job where it cannot be skipped by any user.


In terms of innovation, GeoPal is completely eliminating the use of paper in the field, bringing the organisation one step closer to digital transformation. In essence, GeoPal allows organisations to leverage existing technology (smartphones & tablets) to manage all aspects of the job, meet health & safety requirements and eliminate the risk of utility strikes, and report back to management in real-time providing them with actionable data for continuous improvement.

GeoPal has recently entered integration partnerships with Leica Geosystems & Getac, leading suppliers of geospatial equipment and ruggedised hardware to key players in the street works industry. GeoPal is seamlessly integrated with devices from both companies to ensure minimum disruption to field-based workers and reduce costs in terms of equipment.

Want to know more about how we are supporting the Street Works vision or how the app could fit in with your processes, contact us here >> 

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