Utility Services Case Study

Who are TLI Group?

TLI Group is a utility infrastructure consultancy and construction company, operating extensively within the utilities sector in Ireland, and the UK. TLI Group also delivers comprehensive contracts involving the securing of planning permission, design, construction, refurbishment and maintenance of renewable solar and windfarm network connections to the national grid. TLI Group plays a leading role in promoting the development of national utility infrastructure and thus providing safe, reliable and sustainable networks for future generations.

So we looked at the market, at the big players and Geopal came out on top, for a number of reasons: it was so configurable and the great thing about GeoPal is that it made super-users out of our staff. So it didn’t take the view of ‘we want to make money out of development’. It took the view of ‘we want to sell a product, support our clients’. We want to train our clients, so there is a lot of training which is provided and a lot of questions that GeoPal could answer quickly.

Cormac Howley, Project Manager SIRO FTTB, TLI Group