Unlocking the Utilities Evolution with GeoPal

In Industry 4.0, organisations working across the Utility industry are facing significant operational and competitive challenges. The rapid emergence of transformative digital technologies are disrupting the landscape. This radical transformation is occurring across the Utilities industry, impacting electricity, gas, water and waste businesses, e.g. technology is fundamentally changing how energy will be produced, transported, consumed, and conserved. Digital is the key constituent of the Utilities evolution.

Consulting company, Bain, identifies three core principles employed by digital leaders that have helped guide successful transformations, avoiding ‘collateral damage’ associated with radical digital transformations.

  1. Digitise existing operational models. Concentrate on ‘quick wins’, by identifying efficient processes with the greatest potential for digitisation.
  2. Leverage advanced analytics. Implement advanced analytics to collect real-time data. Leverage data driven strategic decision-making.  Define governance structures.
  3. Explore new technologies.  Increase Digital Quotient (DQ) through implementing a diverse project portfolio that includes digital maturity checks, and rollout readiness.

The Future of Field Operations study reports that 85% of utility leaders agree that real-time data access is a vital component of successful execution of workflows across the Utilities industry. The study further indicates that 73% of respondents working in utilities indicate a desire to become Digital Utilities enterprises - leveraging mobile devices to shift from reactive to proactive and predictive service models. The need for digital adaptation in utilities is time-critical and ultimately, inevitable.

Implementing digital transformation in your organisation is easier than it may seem. Operational challenges can be solved through the use of flexible mobile workflow forms. For example GeoPal provides an online tool for creating mobile forms using a simple drag and drop interface – there is no coding required. Utility companies using GeoPal are operating in a diverse range of markets including power, water, telecommunications, road, rail, marine, petrochemical, nuclear, civil engineering and other infrastructure services. Projects are typically manpower heavy and work includes civils, maintenance, fibre installation, scaffolding, industrial painting, cleaning and refurbishment.

The Benefits of GeoPal include

  • Increase Field Worker utilization rates by 20%.
  • Reduce office administration costs by 50% by eliminating all paper processes.
  • Increase Project Profitability by 25% by delivering reports to supervisors in the field.
  • Reduce the time taken to issue Work-In-Progress (WIP) invoices from 30 days to 3 days
  • Increase client satisfaction by 60% with same-day reports for every project.
  • Reduce insurance claims by 75% with enforced health & safety compliance.
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